Why Are Lubricants Essential For Your Intimate Life?

Lubricants For Your Intimate Life?

Why Are Lubricants Essential For Your Intimate Life?

You would probably have an idea about the role of intimate lubricants in realizing a sizzling sex life. It is a vital sexual wellness product that you can easily obtain from Sexy Lingerie Dubai, which amplifies your dormant passions into epic arousals. There is nothing more efficient than a lubricant gel that has the inherent quality to jumpstart your love life. History has also recorded the use of personal lubricants by ancient civilizations to aid their sexual interactions, which consisted of lubes made from olive oils, clove oils and yams. The uplifting properties of lubes, such as water-based lubricants, have helped scores of men and women to enjoy immersive and passionate sex life. It completely revolutionized and transformed the art of lovemaking like never before. 

The Advantages of Lubing Up For Better Sex

Introducing personal lubes such as water-based lubricants into your personal life is perhaps one of the most rewarding things you can do to complement your sex life. They are usually used by individuals to prevent chafing, vaginal dryness, and to get amazing sex. For women, even if they get pretty excited and aroused mentally, several factors can pop up in their life, such as hormonal imbalance, medication, anxiety, and stress which can hamper their ability to self-lubricate. The same factors can also lead men to achieve lesser libido and erection issues. In this regard, arming yourself with the right kind of personal lubricants from ViagraUAE can undoubtedly alleviate your sensual moments. Let us now explore the reasons for using personal lubricants, for fantastic sex life.

  • Jazz Up Your Love Life

Most of us have been there when we failed to self lubricate at the most crucial and steamiest moments. It is quite common for women to experience dry vagina due to various reasons at any age. Moreover, it is normal to get a dry vagina during your monthly cycle or when experiencing stressful situations in life. During such scenarios, water-based lubricants or any other personal lubricants from Viagra UAE can save you from painful penetrations.

  • Enjoy an Intense Foreplay

The right blend of personal lubricants and imagination is the key to achieve an impeccable foreplay session. There are boatloads of ways in which you can introduce the goodness of lubricant gels in your steamy sex adventures. Being a masseuse for each other and indulging in an intimate massing routine can enhance your arousal and excite each other in the process. With a comprehensive massaging session, you can melt away any build-up stress or tensions on the shoulders, neck and intimate regions. 

  • Lubing With Your Sex Toy

The ever-versatile feature of personal lubricants makes it an ideal sexual wellness product for complementing your self-love sessions. You can apply your favourite lubricants on the sex toys and experience the joy of wetter, deep and smooth penetration. Moreover, a myriad of pleasurable sensations can be realized with the use of personal lubricants from Viagra UAE. You can amp the intensity of masturbation and climax quicker with the most sensual feelings. Additionally, make sure to use the water-based lubricant when using sex toys made of silicone as the silicone-based lubes can deteriorate the silicone made sex toys.

Lubricants For Your Intimate Life?

  • Prevents Condoms From Tearing / Breaking

The reason why too many people around the globe are preferring the use of lubricant gels is their ability to prevent condoms from breaking. These lubic gels can drastically reduce friction, and prevent unnecessary tearing or breakage of condoms to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Also, make sure to avoid using oil-based lubricants on condoms, which can increase the chances of tearing or breakage.

  • Extremely Good for Both Genders

Men and women can intensely spice up their sex life with the help of high-grade personal lubricants from Viagra UAE and Lingerie Dubai. It’s a game-changer in bed that is capable of helping people to achieve peak levels of wetness, arousal and sensuality. Furthermore, the incredible collection of flavoured water-based lubricants from ViagraUAE can complement anyone seeking to experience a comprehensive lovemaking session with tantalising pleasures. 

Final Thoughts

A little bit of lubrication has never hurt anyone, and the pleasure quotient increases during sexual encounters. If you have never started using one, it’s never too late to start incorporating them in your intimate moments. With years of studies and personal experiences backing the efficacy of these amazing products, personal lubricants have turned out to be one of the most essential sexual wellness products that should be used by everyone to lead a healthy sex life.

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