Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can delay sprays be used on other parts of the body?

Use the delay spray as directed by the instructions on the product. Do not spray it on any other body parts other than the penis as they contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic.

  • Is it safe to use delay sprays? 

It is perfectly safe to use delay sprays as long as they are applied to the body as instructed on the box.

  • Are there any side effects after using delay sprays?

There are no serious known side effects after using the delay sprays. But It is wise to consult a physician if you have an underlying condition before using the delay sprays.

  • When should I not use delay sprays?

Discontinue the use of delay sprays if you have skin irritations. Also, spray away from the eyes and mouth and do not ingest them as the local anesthetic known as lidocaine is the primary ingredient in these delay sprays.

  • How many sprays are needed to achieve the full effects of delay sprays?

It is subjective as many factors are responsible for achieving the full effects of delay sprays. It depends on the sensitivity of your penis and the duration of the sex session that you prefer to prolong. Although three sprays are usually the recommended number of sprays needed to desensitize the nerves, the doses can extend up to 10 sprays. Fortunately, after a session or two, you will understand the right dosage needed for realizing the efficacy of delay sprays on your body.

  • Can I use delay sprays when I am on medication?

It is best to consult your doctor before using the delay spray if you have an underlying health condition.

  • How much is too much?

Well, the maximum number of sprays should not exceed 10 and if it exceeds, the numbness extends for a very long time. This extreme desensitization can affect the quality of your sexual activity.

  • Do I need to spray after I get an erection or when flaccid?

It depends on your preference, but it is much easier to find the right spot to spray once you gain an erection.

  • Can I still experience the sexual stimulations during sex?

All our delay sprays are crafted to desensitize the penile nerve endings. That does not mean that you will go fully numb, and you will definitely enjoy the physical sensations during sex.

  • How long will the delay sprays start to show the effects?

A waiting time is needed after using the delay sprays. The timing of the effects by delay sprays varies from different brands, and instant desensitization of the penis is not guaranteed.

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