A Guide To Personal Lubricants For Incredible Sex

Lubricants For Incredible Sex

A Guide To Personal Lubricants For Incredible Sex

No matter the age and gender, all of us consistently strive to achieve a phenomenal sex life and enhance the quality of lovemaking to the fullest of our capacity. In that aspect, each time, personal water-based lubricants plays a massive role in helping anyone to pull off a steamy sex session to enjoy the immense satisfaction of intimacy. Moreover, with the building up of stress due to hectic life schedules and lifestyle issues, sometimes the body takes its own time to arouse itself, even though the mind instantly wants sexual gratification. During such scenarios too, personal lubes such as water-based lube and other lubricants for incredible sex come in handy. They can provide the needed lubrication to make sex better and wetter. With the surge in technological advancements and demand for high-quality products, an umpteen collection of lubricant gels are easily available on online and offline platforms. Moreover, a plethora of novel and exotic flavours are also infused in some of the best lubricant gel in the market. 

Benefits Of Personal Lubricants 

  • It Always Feels Like The First Time –  You can embrace a variety of sensations that these lubricants gels can offer during intense foreplay sessions. Also, the right kind of lubricant gels can help you to achieve prolonged time in bed.
  • Get Instantly Turned On – Many couples have found the use of lubricant gels in their massaging and lovemaking session to be extremely arousing. The tingling sensation offered by these lube gels is quite tantalizing to both individuals.
  • A Friction-Free Anal Sex –  Personal lubricants are undoubtedly a great boon for couples who participate in anal sex sessions. As the anus does not generate any lubrication unlike the vagina, high-quality lubricant gels or water-based lubes are the only solutions to painless and pleasurable anal sex.
  • Great For Solo Adventures – Nothing can be more gratifying than a “me time” which is combined with the goodness of water-based lube or a warming lubricant. Even though the majority of men do not indulge in masturbation with lubricant gels, it is highly recommended to use one, if you want to feel a sensational feeling when touching yourself.
  • Explore & Experiment –  Discover the most amazing erotic pleasures and effortlessly experiment with innovative techniques without causing any hurt or excessive tears to your sensitive skin by using the best water-based lubricants or other personal lubricant gels.
  • Lubricants For Any Vagina – Women with an extra sensitive vagina can use a range of hypoallergenic lubricants to spice up their sex life. These sophisticated lubic gels or water-based lubes are extremely safe on the skin and provide sufficient lubrication and smooth penetration.

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Now Let Us Explore the Different Types Of Sex Lube

Personal lubricants can radically help you to achieve a pleasurable sex life at any age. These lubic gels can help both genders to either enhance arousal, masturbation or mitigate the effects of dry vagina. So kick it up a notch and include any of these personal lubricants in your sexual wellness regimen. The personal lubricants are primarily categorized into three types known as : 

  • Silicone-based Lubricants 

     These are conventional sexual wellness lubricants that are used by a huge majority of people around the world. They are in high demand among couples who want to experiment with hot shower sex as they do not easily wear off on contact with water. Additionally, silicone-based lubricants are used by individuals who desire a long-lasting lube that does not need to be frequently applied. The feel of these silicone-based lubricants is akin to a silky smooth texture on the skin and lasts considerably longer than water-based lubricants. Bed linens are also safe from contacting any stains, spots or blemishes by using these silicone-based lubricants. Since these lubes are hypoallergenic, women with extreme sensitive vaginal skin who are prone to skin ailments can quickly benefit from their use. A major drawback of these lubricants is their effects on silicone toys, which succumbs to deterioration when used with silicone lubrication. And if you’re a safety freak,  trying the water-based lube can be a favourable option for an incredible sex session.

  • Water-based Lubricants 

    A sizeable portion of men and women vouched for the efficacy of using water-based lubricants, which according to them, makes sex more exciting and pleasurable. These sensuous water-based lubes are extremely versatile and safe during intense sexual activity. Moreover, they are compatible with silicone sex toys and can be easily washed off after usage. And interestingly, they never leave behind a residue like other sexual lubricants. The primary ingredient that gives the lubricant its smooth texture is Agar Agar or Xanthan gum. These water-based lubes are reasonably priced and do not spoil your bed linens.

  • Oil-based Lubricants 

    Although a better alternative to both the lubricants mentioned above, oil-based lubricants are far more sensuous and envelop a larger surface area on the body. They are also famous for leaving a messy trail of blemishes on the bed linen and cleaning them off your body or sex toy can be a bit tricky. A prominent feature that attracts people to purchase these oil-based lubricants is their texture that mimics the body’s natural lubrication. Additionally, they can also last longer on the body than any other silicone and water-based lubricants.

Final Thoughts

It is wise to choose the right personal lubricant for taking care of your sexual regimen that does not produce any undesirable reactions on your skin. If you are in a dilemma, purchase a couple of variants from Sexy Lingerie Dubai and experiment during your sexual routine. Rest assured, you will certainly find the perfect lubricant that matches your preference, after a couple of steamy sessions.

Deciding which lube to try? Well, explore the exotic selection of personal lubrication and delay sprays offered by Sexy Lingerie Dubai. These are high end lubes capable of bestowing you with incredible sex life with your loved one.

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