Gifting the Perfect Lingerie for Special Occasions

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Gifting the Perfect Lingerie for Special Occasions

An alluring set of sexy lingerie would make a wonderful gift to your best friend on her birthday, date night, wedding occasion, or as an impeccable anniversary gift for your beloved. Well, it’s always easier said than done, as choosing the prefect lingerie for special occasion can be an arduous mission. The size, color, style, design, and material should complement the receiver and make her comfortable and confident.

Fret not!  Sexy Lingerie Dubai is here to guide you throughout the journey in helping you discover the ultimate lingerie set for gifting your loved one. We shall bestow several vital tips that shall play a crucial role in your decisions while choosing the best among the lot.

The Perfect Size Doesn’t Exist! Or Does it?

One of the most puzzling parts when it comes to buying lingerie is the size. The confusion grows even more, as this is a gift you are buying and are unaware of the size of the lingerie that she uses. And to be frank, an effortless process that you can do is to go through your best friend’s or beloved wardrobe and check the sizes of the lingerie that she wears. Confirm the measures by verifying with different types of lingerie that she uses to understand the various measurements she prefers.

If you are still in a dilemma, we have provided a detailed size chart that you can use according to the garment that she uses. It’s quite easy to determine the sizes even if you are someone who is a first-timer since we have also mentioned sizes ranging from XS to XXL. The measurements are available in both UK and US sizes.

Lingerie for Special Occasion design

The perfect size is an essential factor when buying lingerie in dubai, as it can either enhance or diminish her overall appearance.

Determining the ideal style

The next challenging part for buying a lingerie set after choosing the ideal size is the style of the lingerie. The style of the lingerie should be based upon several aspects that include the specific occasion it is being gifted, the physique type of the recipient, and the types of lingerie outfits that she mostly prefers.

The Fantastic Five:

While choosing a good lingerie set, we should keep in mind the five different physique types such as round, triangle, hourglass, inverted triangle, and rectangular body types. Each of these body frames is unique and has a perfect sexy lingerie outfit that flawlessly suits their respective body types. Let’s check the suitable outfits for each body frame:

  • Round: Lingerie gowns, Negligee and Chemises will look amazing on women with round frames. These outfits give ample boost to the bust and cover the waistlines. They enhance a woman’s appeal and elegance.
  • Triangle: Bustiers and negligees are the most suitable lingerie outfit for women with triangle body frames who love to flaunt their hot hips and bosom.Lingerie for Special Occasion
  • Hourglass: Sexy teddies, lace bras, garter belts and corsets can be a game-changer for women with hourglass figures. They have a body frame suitable for any type of lingerie outfit.
  • Inverted triangle: Bralette, camisoles, or teddies can be a fantastic option for women with inverted triangle frames to enhance their goddess figure.
  • Rectangular: Garter belts, corsets, bustiers, and teddies are stunning choices for women with rectangular body frames. Women with these body frames typically tend to be athletes, so these lingerie outfits mentioned above can magnify their beauty.

Now you can filter out the unwanted styles and minimize the options once you are aware of the body type of your friend or loved one.

As an alternative, it is also best to buy lingerie together, so that unwanted stress and confusion can be avoided. She can peacefully choose lingerie sets that appeal to her taste and comfort.

Determining a Suitable Color

Lingerie for Special Occasion color lingerie

Recollect the times when she had mentioned her favourite colour to you or go through her wardrobe and purchase a lingerie outfit similar to her preference. If you want to purchase something exotic, then black, pink or red is always the better choice. 

And if you are gifting your friend who is a bride-to-be, then white or ivory should be your foremost choice. They should also be created with intricate floral designs and made with top-grade materials.   

Another choice for bestowing your friend or partner with a lingerie set for a date night or a wedding anniversary, then black or pink should be the attractive colours to be chosen. Sexy net or lacy lingerie outfits in black can be mind-blowing options for such occasions.  

Don’t panic if you still feel overwhelmed with choosing the perfect lingerie in Dubai because lingerie Dubai is available for inspiring you with an exquisite collection of choices to gift your best friend or partner. Our designs, styles, sizes, patterns, and materials are renowned all over the emirates. We supply the best lingerie in Dubai and time and again we have surprised customers with an impeccable variety of lingerie that is novel to them.

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