A Comprehensive Guide To Delay Sprays 

Guide to delay spray

A Comprehensive Guide To Delay Sprays 


“Elevate Your Sex Life With The Incredible Potency of  Delay Sprays From Sexy Lingerie Dubai

The Cause & The Cure

We humans are undoubtedly one of the most sexual beings on the planet. But unfortunately, not everyone in this unique species can enjoy their sex life in its actual fullness, and a large majority of victims consists of the male gender. There are several reasons responsible for hampering the men to lead a satisfying sex life and premature ejaculation is one among them. Several professionals in the medical fraternity have diagnosed thousands of men in all age groups and have concluded that a majority of men around the world have experienced premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime. Furthermore, premature ejaculation can lead to extreme dissatisfaction and embarrassment in the bedroom for not reaching up to the mark. 

To combat these frustrating conditions, Lingerie Dubai rose to the situation and saved scores of men from awkward situations in the bedroom by providing an exceptional range of delay sprays. These are clinically approved formulations with unique ingredients to assist you in prolonging the sex sessions with your partner. These impeccable collections of delay sprays in the UAE have elevated the sexual intimacy in couples to incredible levels of satisfaction and pleasure. So, read this comprehensive guide to delay sprays and reclaim your intimate moments with partner.

The Working Mechanism Of A Delay Spray

The primary objective of the delay spray is to numb the extra sensitive genital nerves. The numbing or desensitizing of these nerves can prevent premature ejaculation for a prolonged duration. Lidocaine(local anaesthetic) is the chief compound in the delay sprays that causes desensitization. Also, do not be concerned with the numbness, as they are not absolute and you can still realize the pleasures of sexual intimacy during intercourse. These lidocaine infused delay sprays work on the body within 15 minutes of spraying on the genitals and can be administered with ease without any prior experience. 

working of delay spray

The Advantages Of Using Delay Sprays

The effects of delay sprays can be rapidly realised after administering and transforms your sex life for the better. There is nothing like a prolonged, safe and satisfying sex session with your partner. Multiple advantages can be attained with the use of delay sprays from Sexy Lingerie Dubai & Lingerie UAE.

  • Say goodbye to premature ejaculation
  • No need for any prescription
  • You can use the delay spray whenever you need it, and it’s unlike any sexual enhancement supplements which have to be regularly consumed.
  • The ingredients of the delay sprays consist of lidocaine or benzocaine, which are local anaesthetics and safe on the body.
  • You can use these delay sprays according to the preferred duration of your sex session.

 The Procedures to Apply A Delay Spray

As indicated earlier, delay sprays are quite simple to use and administer on the penis for gaining  delayed ejaculation. We recommend that you follow these hassle-free steps to achieve an incredible lovemaking session in bed

  • Read the instructions in the box or behind the bottle of the delay spray for gaining more information about the ingredients and user guide of the product.
  • Now shake the bottle well and spray it on the flaccid or erect(recommended) penis around the intended area(head/shaft). 
  • When the spray has covered the desired region, use your fingers to rub the spatter in a circular motion.
  •   Now, wait for a few minutes to fully realise the effects of the delay spray.
  • You can continue your sex session when the delay spray has shown its efficacy.
  • Spray doses of up to 3-10 sprays on your penis for the intended effect. Never overdo more than the recommended dose as the numbness can prolong for a very long duration, which is undesirable during sexual intercourse.
  • After sexual intercourse, wash your penis thoroughly to wear off the remaining numbness.

Finest Collections From Sexy Lingerie Dubai 

delay spray no17

Engage in an uninterrupted saga of lovemaking with your loved one with the clinically proven No17 Men’s Delay Spray 30ml from Sexy Lingerie Dubai. This top-notch delay spray for men can undoubtedly help you to break away from the binding shackles of premature ejaculation to unleash the passionate lover in you.

Long Lasting Delay spray

Using the Long lasting Delay spray from Sexy Lingerie Dubai is an extremely safe and effective way to extend your intimate session for achieving sexual satisfaction. A potent desensitizing effect is guaranteed with the use of this exceptional delay spray for men.

SIYI Pocked Sized Male Delay Spray 

Experience an uninterrupted level of sexual freedom and satisfaction with the incredible goodness of SIYI Pocked Sized Male Delay Spray provided by Sexy Lingerie Dubai.

SIYI Male Delay Spray CreamMake your presence felt and bestow your partner with unforgettable moments with the stunning SIYI Male Delay Spray Cream from Sexy Lingerie Dubai.

Key Pleasure Enhancement Spray Energy

Lingerie Abudhabi offers the ultimate Key Pleasure Enhancement Spray Energy to triumph over your limitations with ease and for satisfying your deepest fantasies.

To a great extent, premature ejaculation can take a serious toll on your peace of mind and confidence. Although not a final cure, using delay sprays can certainly be one of the most effective, hassle-free and cost-effective solutions from Sexy Lingerie DubaiViagra UAE for deterring the embarrassing effects of premature ejaculation.

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