A Comprehensive Guide To Maintain Your Lingerie Outfits

Maintain Your Lingerie Outfits

A Comprehensive Guide To Maintain Your Lingerie Outfits

Maintain your lingerie outfits, and it takes care of you during those intimate and pulse-racing moments! It is doubtlessly a universal truth vouched by women who have embraced the use of exotic intimate wear from Sexy Lingerie Dubai. Moreover, the durability of these delicate lingerie can be extended, for a longer period than expected, for prolonged usage. And it doesn’t matter if the lingerie from Sexy Lingerie Dubai is a normal innerwear or an exotic one, all of them deserve to be maintained well. Moreover, you can save plenty of money by maintaining your lingerie outfits offered by Sexy Lingerie Dubai!

The following tips discussed below are some of the golden nuggets in lingerie maintenance offered by the experts from Sexy Lingerie Dubai to take care of your precious innerwear without any hassle. The major preservation techniques include:

  • Wash The Colourful Ones Separately 

The vibrant intimate apparels from Lingerie UAE are indeed some of the most refreshing range of lingerie you might have encountered anywhere online. And while washing, it is best to separate them from any of the tighty-whities and light coloured outfits you have in your collection. Although it may not always happen, there is a potential chance of staining the light coloured clothes by the heavily coloured lingerie outfits. Moreover, only soak them in the water for so long only if the fabric is extensively soiled and you want them looking as fabulous as possible.

  • Embrace the Use of Hand Washing to Clean Your Lingerie 

Embrace the Use of Hand Washing to Clean Your Lingerie 

Lingeries are extremely delicate wears and cannot withstand the brash washing that is encountered by the regular load that you cram into the washing machine. And it is for this very reason that intimate apparel from Lingerie Dubai should be hand washed whenever possible. An exception that can be made for using a washing machine for lingerie wear can be that of the one made from Silks. For washing machine use, you can utilize the assistance of a lingerie wash bag, to protect the outfit from unnecessary wear and tear. But even the use of wash bags is also frowned upon by lingerie experts and enthusiasts around the globe. Otherwise, a mild hand wash with either cold or lukewarm water and mild detergent is the most suitable form of washing the lingerie. Always ensure to wring them very lightly to expel excess water out of the outfit.

One of the major reasons for avoiding machine wash for outfits from Lingerie Dubai is to protect the unnecessary stretching and twisting of lingerie wear. Moreover, most of our outfits consist of various components to aid the wearer in various ways to provide ample support and comfort. Thus, in the long run, machine wash can indeed deteriorate the quality of these unique components.  

  • The Power of The Detergents Should Not Be Overlooked 

The Power of The Detergents Should Not Be Overlooked

The type of detergents used to wash the exotic inner wears from Lingerie Abu Dhabi plays a prominent role in its durability and comfort. Using the right detergent is also often overlooked and misunderstood by most lingerie users. The strength of the detergents is crucial and tends to hamper the quality of the fibres if they are a heavily formulated chemical combination. Hence the use of mild detergents is appreciated when washing the inner wears from Lingerie Abu Dhabi , to maintain the integrity of the fabric and to retain the composition of the outfit. Furthermore, it is best to combine the use of mild detergents with a blend of tepid water for comprehensive washing.

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  • The Frequency Of Washing The Lingerie Matters 

The Frequency Of Washing The Lingerie Matters

The frequency of washing the outfits from Lingerie UAE is something which you have to efficiently decide. As a rule of thumb, and from a sanitary perspective, it is vital to wash the underwear after every use. Conversely, it is not necessary to wash the bra after every use as they don’t get soiled quickly, and constant washing can impair the entire structure of the bra. If possible, wash them every four days or a week maximum if you tend to own quite a few pairs of them. And finally, it is the owner of the lingerie outfit who is fit to decide whether or not it’s time to wash and cleanse them. 

  • Storing Is As Important As Cleaning 

Storing your lingerie wear is essential to maintaining the integrity of the structure and longevity of the material. So store them flat in a breathable environment and place the bras in a row with the cups overlapping each other to maintain the cup shape. 


Letting go is sometimes the hardest thing that we often have to perform towards the things that we love the most. Well, it’s the same with old lingerie outfits too. Moreover, you will definitely understand the right time to dispose of them when the entire fabric is worn out and the structure is compromised inside-out. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry long as the outfits from Sexy Lingerie Dubai can indeed fill in the void in your intimate collection with the most sizzling variety of sexy lingerie. 

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